cavaAdo, Marty Lloyd, Beck, Conor Oberst, and Neon Trees

Wiz-kid and girlfriend, Ester Mellado, and I finally completed the cavaAdo business plan last week.  It was a long process, but the material came surprisingly easy.  I’m guessing that’s a good thing…?  Maybe?

We submitted it to the Belmont University business plan competition with a certain degree of confidence.  We had to cut some of it down to meet the length requirement but I think we made a solid effort.  I’m hoping we hear sooner rather than later as to whether or not we made the finals.  That scholarship would be real nice!

Anyways, we’re in the beginning stages of starting this business.  I’m trying to find a web designer to help me with the creation of our soon-to-be-awesome website as well as a couple graphic designers that can help with some design work (if you know of anybody, send them my way, please).  Other than that, not too much has happened lately.  I’ll have more to post later…hopefully.

I’ve posted a couple records I listened to this past week.  Feel free to give them a listen and leave a note or two about your thoughts or any recommendations you may have.

Marty Lloyd – Marigold (2003) – Co-frontman of the Freddy Jones Band put out a solo record in 2003 that is nothing short of awesome.  A great alternative/americana album with solid acoustic guitar playing, songwriting, and a couple good grooves.


– Justified

– American Dream

– Fall From Grace

Beck – Guero (2005) – Now that it’s past the stage where it’s “cool” to listen to this record, I can listen without feeling like a wanna-be hipster.  Beck rarely does the same thing twice and continues to reinvent himself with this album.  Great for some solid beats and interesting melodies.


– Scarecrow

– Earthquake Weather

– Go it Alone

Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst (2008) – Another frontman gone solo (Bright Eyes), Conor Oberst makes a solid run at an alt. country record.  This record has a solid mix of upbeat songs, country classics, and a few slower diddies.  Give it a listen if you’re an alt. country fan.  I’m not a big Bright Eyes fan, but thoroughly enjoyed this record…his voice is especially intriguing.  Me gusta.


– Souled Out!!!

– Get-Well-Cards

– I Don’t Wanna Die (In a Hospital)

Neon Tress – Habits (2010) – A new record.  I’ve listened a few times and have been somewhat luke warm on it.  I mean, it’s not bad, but it didn’t blow me away.  They remind me a lot of the Wombats (a band with a stellar first album) with a touch of the Killers, but I think they miss the mark just a tad.  Give it a listen for some decent paced almost-brit-pop tunes.


– 1983

– Sins of My Youth


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