Drag that lake, Charlie!

Finally heard the results on the Belmont business plan competition.  No dice for cavaAdo.  It’s a real shame.  I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing.  We did, however, have to cut out a lot of material to meet the length requirement, which I wasn’t too thrilled about.  Oh well, I’m not going to let it get me down.

Ester and I do plan on reevaluating everything, adding some things, and taking out other things to help transform it into a super business plan.  I’m not usually one for making plans, but I am starting to see why these types of things should be done before opening day.  All the planning that goes into it will really make your head explode if you aren’t prepared, as I’m quickly learning in my increasingly busy life.

I hope to have the website up and running within a few months so we can start some “test runs” with certain clients.  I’ve had some conversations with a few artists that are very interested.  I’m also on the lookout for a potential web designer to help me with this.  If you know of someone who is looking to build their resume and is interested in this type of thing, send them my way.  I’m confident this will see some decent success if done properly, and that’s exactly how I plan to do it.

That’s all for now, here’s my album list for the last week or so:

ALO – Man of the World – The follow up to one of my favorite records, Roses and Clover, couldn’t have come soon enough.  Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with what was released.  The first 3-4 songs are awesome, then the middle 4 or so are not the best.  Thankfully, they pick it up towards the end with a few more good listens.  Zach Gill’s impressive skills on the keys shines through on almost every song, but some songs just carry on too long with no climax.  Definitely give Roses and Clover a listen before you write these guys off—amazing album.


–       States of Friction

–       Man of the World

–       I love Music

Drive-By Truckers – The Big To-Do – I’ve just recently gotten into these guys, and I’m loving almost every second of it.  This latest release has some awesome pissed off alt-country tunes.  The guitars, the production, the calamity!  It all goes together so well!  I feel perfectly in-tune with my life while driving down a country road in my old truck.  Alls I need is a fat dip and a colt 45.  A must have for any alt-country fan with some serious spunk.


–       Drag the Lake Charlie

–       This Fucking Job

–       Daddy Learned to Fly

The Heavy – The House That Dirt Built – These guys have blown up since getting placed on those Kia commercials you see everywhere nowadays.  Probably being the rawest form of R&B you can get really helps these guys make a name for themselves.  It’s got great energy throughout and no 2 songs sound like another.  You get little polka flavor in Sixteen, a western tone in Short Change Hero, and that raw R&B I was talking about in How You Like Me Now.  All around, great record, boys.


–       How You Like Me Now

–       No Time

–       Love Like That

Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More – Mumford and Sons is another band that got a decent amount of face time with this latest release.  After some success with past releases, there was a good amount of pressure to keep the momentum going.  They nailed it.  This record is considered folk/bluegrass, but it’s not just that.  It has a billion other highlights that take them far beyond any simple classification.  Very similar to the Avett Bros., these guys carry you through every song with amazing dynamics.  The energy picks up exactly when it needs to and fits to the exact emotion the lyrics portray.  Great songwriting with a good dose of horns, acoustic guitar, and banjo easily make this record an early favorite from 2010.


–       The Cave

–       Winter Winds

–       Dustbowl Dance

American Hi-Fi – American Hi-Fi and The Art of Losing – I may lose all of my credibility by doing this, but I love both these records…a lot.  I can’t decide which is better.  I really appreciate a record I can blast and not feel like a total loser when I most definitely should.  You know what I mean?  Both these records are littered with awesome catchy pop and wannabe punk that you can’t help but sing and bop along to.  Put your dignity aside and give these records a good listen.  I promise you’ll enjoy them.  Don’t move on to their next few records—then you’ll really be a loser.


–       Blue Day – American Hi-Fi

–       I’m a Fool – American Hi-Fi

–       Another Perfect Day – American Hi-Fi

–       Nothing Left to Lose – The Art of Losing

–       Teenage Alien Nation – The Art of Losing

–       The Gold Rush – That Art of Losing

Does you have any good records that you can’t get enough of?  Anything you’re embarrassed to admit?  Leave a comment!


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