Song of the Weekend – “Container Park” The Chemical Brothers

Last night the two Mateos went and saw the movie Hanna and both walked away blown away by the soundtrack. The block rockin’ beats from psychedelic-electro-rockers The Chemical Brothers was magnificently woven into every scene of the movie. Steps on metal stairs, fists to the face, and even the creepy German folk tune whistled by one of the antagonists were matched perfectly with every song and became part of the soundtrack itself. I am normally not a big fan of soundtracks, but I am really digging these electronic soundtracks from the likes of Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers.

The Chemical Brothers have been pretty hit and miss for me (MC) in the past; their stuff is way out there, but very creative. They have some kickin’ tunes like the aforementioned “Block Rockin’ Beats”, but also some very trippy stuff that is not for the timid listener.

The tune in the video above is “Container Park” by The Chemical Brothers from the Hanna Soundtrack. Enjoy!


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