Yeasayer – Phoenix Wind

I’ve usually found Yeasayer to be a hit or miss. I LOVE the opening 3-4 tracks of “All Hour Cymbals” but couldn’t enjoy the rest of that record, or most of their “Odd Blood” record for some reason. I guess I just lost interest. This new track, however, has me at least excited about…well, just this track for now. I haven’t yet had the chance to dive into the whole record.

Yeasayer’s music always seems to be “organized chaos” and “Phoenix Wind” carries on that tradition. The bass line keeps the song moving while they still manage to keep some of their typical experiment/psychedelic flavor on top. This track is featured on a record they released last week for Record Store Day (“End Blood”) and is rumored to be available on their website now.

What do you think? Can they make an entirely captivating record? Have the already and you think I’m crazy?


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