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Bon Iver album stream

Check out the new self-titled Bon Iver album on the Guardian Music Blog. This is the sophomore effort from the Wisconsin folkster Justin Vernon. Personally, I love it (even the really 80’s song “Beth/Rest”).



Where are you Ambulance Ltd of the day

So one of my favorite albums is Ambulance Ltd – LP which was released in 2004 and I still play that album over and over. Unfortunately, the sweet sounds of New York rockers have been MIA in the past seven years! I recently read that the band’s label went bankrupt and because of some legalities, the band (which is now just the lead singer with replacements) are fighting to get the rights to their old tunes and publish some new ones. It’s a damn shame that this band could not come out with a follow up to this AMAZING album.

For now, enjoy “Yoga Meets Union”, the opening track to LP. It is instrumental, and awesome, but the rest of the album has vocals.


It’s Friday, let’s dance! Miami Horror “Holidays”

My friend, and kickass graphic designer, Pope Saint Victor designed a poster (see below) for an upcoming show for this Ausie band Miami Horror…I was a little skeptical when we first started listening to it, because of its resemblance to the Bee Gees, but as the song went on, I became hooked! Soon, thoughts of Daft Punk’s Discovery sounds started floating through my head and then I, of course, fell in love.

Holidays is an elctro-dance tune that is going to help you get through the day and start your weekend off with a wiggle and shake. PS…if you don’t know him, check out the Pope’s work

New’ish’ Gomez Single “Options”

Well, I have been gone for way too long! I originally wrote this post a month and a half ago, but never posted it, so I guess better late then never!

New single from the English indie quintet Gomez. The song is from their new album “Whatever’s on Your Mind” on ATO records that will be dropping on June 21st.

Merchants of rock have made the song available for a FREE download here: So you should definitely go ahead and grab it!


Song about a girl of the day – City and Colour “The Girl”

I know what your thinking…come on another song about a girl. Well, yes. But it is a good song by Dallas Green. City and Colour…get it? Dallas Green, clever. Anywho, this track comes from the Canadian folkster’s 2008 record Bring Me Your Love and it is a very catchy tune and I really like it and hopefully you will too!

My wife said it well after hearing this song, “it doesn’t challenge anything, but sometimes you need that.”


White Rabbits “Percussion Gun”

I may be a little late discovering the White Rabbits, but hey better late than never, especially with such an awesome band like this! The Brooklyn-based rockers put out the album It’s Frightening in 2009 and gained attention in 2010 when the song “Percussion Gun” was used by EA Sports Fifa 2010 and the band played at Coachella, and Austin City Limits.

Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks”

LA indie-rockers Foster the People have been gaining a lot of hype lately with the release of their EP Foster the People EP and playing Coachella and SXSW. “Pumped Up Kicks” is off said EP and will most likely be on the bands LP Torches when it comes out in May.



Update: Sorry, Sony has made it so that you have to watch the video on YouTube, so click on the link to be redirected.