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Belle Brigade

Arguably one of my top picks from 2011 so far is Belle Brigade’s self-titled album. It’s got a healthy mix of alt. country, Americana/roots with a touch of some great mid-tempo alt. rock breakouts. “Where Not to Look for Freedom,” “Lonely, Lonely,” and “Losers” are just a few key tracks from this all-around stellar album. This is right up your alley if you enjoy the sweet sounds of well-known acts like Avett Bros. and Mumford & Sons. And if you like J.J. Cale, treat your ears to “Lucky Guy.”

Got any top picks from 2011 we should know about?



J Roddy Walston and the Business

It was hard to pick a song to feature off J Roddy Walston and The Business’ self-titled release. Each song is pure rock and roll gold. While trying to decide, I found myself rocking out to the whole album by myself in the midst of a crowded public area and was able to ultimately decide on “Used to Did.”

“Used to Did” does an excellent job of showcasing the energy that is consistent throughout the entire record. Far too many albums start off with a band like this and dip in the middle and are never able to recapture the energy they started with. I truly respect the bands that can put together and record that is great in its entirety. J Roddy and his business were able to do so with this record and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for some good old fashioned soulful rock.

These guys are on their way to the big time and this record should be a staple of any music junkie’s current rotation–it is easily one of the best from 2010.

Has anybody seen them live? I cannot wait till I finally get to catch a show.

White Denim – Drug

I’ve found myself enjoying White Denim’s eclectic style more and more with each listen. Their sound is hard to pinpoint with precision but they tend to have heavy jazz and psychedelic influences scattered throughout their songs. They usually manage to place a poppy hook within the madness, however. Below is the official video for “Drug,” the first single off their upcoming release “D.”

The song itself bit more straightforward and easier to listen to than their previous works but the video is as trippy as anything you’ve seen. It’s a solid folk rockish, trippy tune that is vaguely reminiscent of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot days.

If you like this song and want to hear more before “D” comes out, you can download their previous release “Last Day of Summer” for free on their website (http://whitedenimmusic.com/). “Champ” is one my favorite tracks off that record.

What do you think? Does this make you excited for their upcoming release?

Yeasayer – Phoenix Wind

I’ve usually found Yeasayer to be a hit or miss. I LOVE the opening 3-4 tracks of “All Hour Cymbals” but couldn’t enjoy the rest of that record, or most of their “Odd Blood” record for some reason. I guess I just lost interest. This new track, however, has me at least excited about…well, just this track for now. I haven’t yet had the chance to dive into the whole record.

Yeasayer’s music always seems to be “organized chaos” and “Phoenix Wind” carries on that tradition. The bass line keeps the song moving while they still manage to keep some of their typical experiment/psychedelic flavor on top. This track is featured on a record they released last week for Record Store Day (“End Blood”) and is rumored to be available on their website now.

What do you think? Can they make an entirely captivating record? Have the already and you think I’m crazy?

Freelance Fun “Starring” Freelance Whales

Another indie group from New York gaining a whole lot of attention lately despite this album being released in 2009. You can also see their most notable tune “Generators ^ First Floor” on a recent Starbucks commercial. This video shows the intricacies of their somewhat simple, catchy sound. “Starring” is one of my favorite tracks off Weathervanes but others worth checking out are “Broken Horse,” “Hannah” and “The Great Estates”

Get your groove on with Bobby S

Perfect song to bring in the spring weather. It’s ok, I know you want to shake your booty.

Bob Schneider – Your Head Holds Gold. Your Heart Holds Diamonds

Bob is easily one of my most favorite artists and has been for quite some time now. This release (“Lovely Creatures”) along with the rest of his discography is stocked full of catchy tunes like this. Most of his songs have americana/folk focus but they always seem to have an underlying funk groove that really gets me hooked.

If you’re a first time Bob listener, start with his 2001 release “Lonelyland” and work your way up to “I’m Good Now” and then cap it off with the CD this track is featured on, “Lovely Creatures.” If you like what your hear, keep your ears peeled for a new release scheduled to come out April 19. I know I’m pumped.

Hot New Release – TV on the Radio – Nine Types of Light

This record dropped this past Tuesday and I must say I am exceptionally excited about it. TVOTR not only released an amazing CD, but also compiled a “movie” to go along with it. Their music always seems to be extremely quirky and strange but they manage to maintain a catchy pop hook in each track. Here’s the official release video with each song featured.

If you’re short on time, watch/listen to the first 2 songs–Caffeinated Consciousness and Second Song–starting at 2:40.